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Perfect froth. Without a single touch.


O2 Perfect Foam is the first smart steamer in the world which automatically brings perfect froth to your fingertips.


Fill the O2 smart jug with the liquid of your choice.

Place the O2 jug onto the O2 Perfect Foam frother.

That's it!


That's all O2 Perfect Foam needs to start steaming any

liquid into a deliciously creamy and perfectly fluffy froth.


For bar - barista - hotel - coffee shop - coffee chain ...and much more.

Choose your O2 smart jug



O2 smart jugs come in 3 sizes:

small, medium and large


One type of liquid = one colour


Lactose intolerant people

will thank you for it.

Fill the smart jug with your liquid of choice


Milks, non-dairy milks (oat milk, soy milk, almond milk...), fruit and veggie juices

liquid mixes (eg chocolate milk).

Let your creativity run wild.




Place the jug onto

the O2 frother


O2 automatically detects the liquid you're using, the quantity you've dosed & the temperature of your liquid.


The steam wand automatically adjusts its movement. Smart.

Don't. Do. Anything.



For a few seconds at least. Just let O2 Perfect Foam work it's magic.


Did you know O2 Perfect Foam even sounds like a barista.

Your froth is ready!



Simply take off the smart jug, pour and enjoy!


After use, let O2 work off steam & whipe the steam wand with a clean, damp cloth.


Constant foam quality

O2 Perfect Foam never lets you down. Every

minute of the day, O2 guarantees

constant foam quality at the perfect



Authentic barista movements

O2 Perfect Foam perfectly copies the

movements of a real top barista.

O2 even sounds like one, creating that

special atmosphere.


No limits to your creativity

O2 Perfect Foam works for milks, non-dairy

milks and fruit or veggie juices.

You can even use O2 to steam

up liquid mixes.



No training required

No expensive training for new

staff. Same, constant quality

independent of the maker, even

during stress peaks.


No maintenance

No liquids run through the

machine. No risk of contamination.

No cleaning cycle after service. No

more ‘dirty jobs’.


No touch

Without any touch, O2 Perfect Foam

automatically recognises the liquid

you’re using. No room for error. No

complicated menus.


Barista relaxed.

Customers happy.

Get rid of stress peaks during

service and rely on O2 Perfect Foam to make

the perfect froth for you. You’ll

have your hands free to engage

with customers and concentrate

on the perfect drinks.


For new coffee business

or better coffee business

The O2 machine only takes up 12 x 35 cm of your work top. Together with the slim design, O2 can be fitted perfectly into any new or existing coffee shop.






Of course there's more to

O2 Perfect Foam than just perfect foam with a perfect taste. Your business wins in efficiency, quality and customer engagement.


In short, O2 helps you making your business more profitable and relieves your staff.

Discover all benefits of

working with O2 Perfect Foam.


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Set your steam wand to stun!

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